Screamer Prank Gone Right

Screamer Prank GIF

Full video below:



  2. hahahahhahahahaha LMFAO !!!

  3. so what if it's fake? I think the office is funny.

  4. wow, great windows 7 commercial.

  5. looks like windows XP actually

  6. Fake. But commited. I mean throwing a printer threw a window… yeah, commited.

  7. fake, the laptop wasn't attached to anything, even a power cord

  8. Fake, the Russian was sooo off. It's my native language, and I couldn't make out a single word.

  9. Yeah, I want this to be real, but it's so not.

  10. Kim

    Even if it is fake, I wouldn't care because it's just that damn funny.

  11. it's a windows 7 ad. duh!

  12. Ivy

    Even if it is fake, still fucking hilarious.

  13. Looks, staged, but amusing nonetheless. :P

  14. Most blatant attempt by Microsoft at a viral ad, EVER. “Windows 7 PC, it's so cool”. STFU.

  15. Either that was fake or that guy had SERIOUS clinical paranoia.

  16. ana

    fake or not that shit was fuking hilarious

  17. Gunslinger2071

    This is obviously a Win 7 “viral” video commercial from Microsoft. So annoying.

  18. FAKE – Check out the cut at about 20 seconds when he says “so” – It was all a little too clean and staged, like how he got the camera perfect but slightly angled to make it look DiY…

    I love being a pedant.

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