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NCAA First Round Picks

Well, I’m back, and in pog form.  Sort of.  Here are my picks for tomorrow, Thursday the 14th for the NCAA:

Maryland moneyline (-330). I just don’t see Maryland losing, and neither should you.  Good for a parlay with other moneylines around 250 that you feel confident in.

Washington State (-6.5) over Oral Roberts.

Louisville moneyline (-250) over Stanford.

GW money (+150) over Vanderbilt.

More coming later.  By the way, I have about a trillion blogs now — PBH, Alec’s ‘Other’ Blog, Sexy and Disgraceful, this one, and now, PBH2 (because Blogger sucks). It’s hard to keep track of but I’ll keep on all of them as best I can.


This is why I hate

Because some blogs force you to login. The internet is all about defaming and slandering others names in the public sphere under aliases. I mean, COME ON! Let’s grow up a little here people.

So in case you were wondering, the real bloggery occurs at, followed by a close second at Sexy and Disgraceful, then followed by my other blog, and a Betting Man. I will update this occasionally, but I rather not. Bloggy blog blog blog.