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Kitty Cat Mel Gibson

Gold Digging Mel Gibson Cat

You Could Go Through Money

Mel Gibson demands oral pleasure

Rose Garden Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson says youre a Vegas whore

Mel Gibson gets racist

Its Mel Gibsons house not yours

The jacuzzi has more soul than you

I dont involve the police Mel Gibson

Why dont you apologize to Mel Gibson

Suck me Kitty

Dysfunctional Kitty Cat Mel Gibson

Fly Away C Word

Sorry Kitty Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson says your logic sucks

Mel Gibson child care concerns

Cute Kitty Eyes

Kitty illegal immigrant

Ugly Men Golddigger Kitty

New York Bus Station Crazy Devil Costume

Reddit Love Story

Found in a text book released by Bob Jones University:

Electricity is Gods mystery

The above image is from a Bob Jones University textbook entitled Science 4 Students [You can also buy it off of Amazon].

Even scarier? Over 1 million pre-college students around the world use BJU textbooks.

Back to the Future Limousine

Because there is a new idiot in town. And his name is Justin Bieber:

During an interview on a New Zealand television show, he was asked if “Bieber” meant “basketball” in German. After admitting he didn’t know what ‘German’ meant, he responded by saying: “We don’t say that in America.” What?