‘Electricty’, Courtesy of Bob Jones University

Found in a text book released by Bob Jones University:

Electricity is Gods mystery

The above image is from a Bob Jones University textbook entitled Science 4 Students [You can also buy it off of Amazon].

Even scarier? Over 1 million pre-college students around the world use BJU textbooks.


  1. Seriously! WTF! Electricity is one of the most commonly observed and documented phenomenon of the subatomic world! What rock have you been living under. This statement was valid a few hundred years ago, but we now know full well that electricity is the movement of an electron from one atom to the next atom or from one, higher level of activity down to a lower level of activity (in the electron cloud that surrounds the atomic core of protons and neutrons.

    An electron will move from a negatively charged atom to a positively charged atom, or when extreme pressures are put on the atoms from the outside (actual pressure, impact force from a stray electron, etc) the will be forced by the pressure and mutual gravity to share electrons or to exchange electrons between two or more equally or inversely charged atoms.

    If you wanted to attribute this to your god, that is one thing, perhaps say that it is your god that created the laws of physics to interact this way. But to say it is his voice… that would be saying that we have tamed the voice of your god. We made your god our slave. We have bottled lightning people! Don't believe me, then what do you think you are looking at right now? The screen uses electricity to ignite or create photons in the screen catalyst (LCD, vacuum tube, OLED), to go to your eyes so you can read the words I am saying to you via an electronic medium. If what you are saying is true, your god is our lap dog!

    However, if your god simply created the law of physics to enable these things to occur, and the laws of physics do hold true in the way conventional science says it does, then your god is a magnificent watchmaker, the holy of holies who can build so power a world! So much energy in something smaller then the head of a pin! What wonder your god can hold for you, so long as you do not try to dumb him down.

    Worship your god by acknowledging science. Insult your god with this dribble. Take your pick.

  2. “….we now know full well that electricity is the movement of an electron from one atom to the next atom or from one, higher level of activity down to a lower level of activity (in the electron cloud that surrounds the atomic core of protons and neutrons.”

    Uh, actually, we don't know that, or at least part of that. Electricity IS the flow of electrons. HOWEVER, the movement of electrons from one electron energy level to another is the phenomenon of electromagnetic radiation, commonly called LIGHT. If an electron absorbs a photon of light it is bumped up to a higher energy level. It must lose that energy, so it either re-emits a photon of the same energy, or it might emit several photons of lower energy as it jumps down to its original level.

    So, electrons moving within the cloud of them surrounding an atomic nucleus do NOT produce electricity.

    As for the rest, I'm glad God, whoever He, She, or it may be, made a pretty interesting watch in which we live….

  3. More importantly why is she fully dressed when drying her hair?

    I can understand why the blow dryer is off; it's God's breath.

  4. Well to be honest, Bob Jones textbooks have never really been considered the epitome of Christian educational textbooks. It's slightly unfair to assume that all Christians learn off of this stuff.

  5. Was this textbook written by Insane Clown Posse?

  6. Religious views aside, people have most assuredly experienced electricity (by seeing lightning, being shocked, etc.) This is more than just a religiously slanted text; it's simply incorrect.

  7. I call BS, which textbook in particular was this? What publisher? I know that picture is a stock web photo. Sounds like someone wanted more exposure to their blog.

  8. I can't believe your comment is the only one so far. It's all magic sheep. Stop believing in air and suffocate.

  9. God invented the internet.

  10. I don't believe in Ben Franklin…Jesus rode a velociraptor.

  11. ahh christians the stupidest of the god believers…

  12. 'Lectricity? 'Round here we call it 'tingly-bitey'. Sure we know where it come from – dat der wall! Der be a hole innit, shaped all funneh-lahk!

  13. Why is that poor creature wearing a hospital paper gown with a cheap plastic belt around it?

  14. lilricky, it clearly STATES which textbook it is and provides a link to buy it for yourself… just saying…

  15. We have used BJU textbooks and this is not in one. There are typos that give this away as fake.

  16. I'm Christian and even I think that this is complete and utter nonsense. (I bet this was made by some christian text book company who thinks that ACTUAL science is EVIL! OOOOOHHHH >.>) I can't believe that they give this mindless dribble to kids.

  17. it is funny but we still don't know (2010) –
    what makes electrons and protons attract each other?
    why does Coulomb constant = ~8.987…..N*m^2/C^2 ?
    what is the initial source of enerygy…

  18. i think Bobby Jones is playing on the fact that we cannot actually observe some of the aspects of electricity at the atomic level, that is, we cannot actually view what an electron is doing. we know how to manipulate it. umm, something about the Heisenburg uncertainty principle…
    i may be wrong, after all, im at best a “B” student in all my physics and chemistry classes.

  19. I'm often the first to call “hoax”, but the book seems real: http://www.bjupress.com/product/239145

    _Science 4 Student_ is apparently a 4th grade science book (explains the talking-down tone). Not as funny as I first assumed, but still worth a good chuckle.

  20. @lilricky

    The OP gave you a link to the book, Science 4 Students, publisher, Bob Jones University Press. The photo is most certainly not stock; BJUP usually takes their own photos, which is why she is dressed, in a dress, and drying her hair – they'd never take a picture of her in a towel; immodest, you know. They also have a thing about women in pants…

    PS: I know because I used to work for BJUP.

  21. @ Rick, you are right, electron level transfer = photons. My bad. I guess I was just so furious with this garbage that I mixed up some of my fact. My apologies. (See, I am pagan, we can admit when we are wrong… lol)

  22. Jay

    Hmmm . . . I thought an “electromagnetic force field” (about which, just as all the other “forces,” we know nothing except that it moves through space at the speed of light) “causes” electrons to move (at a VERY slow rate of speed). Then we call the movement of those electrons (and all that it does) “electricity.” But for all we really know, electricity may be the result of angels dancing on the heads of pins, devils chasing their tails, or religious people fighting each other to “prove” they're right. (Think crusades, inquisitions, and electric chairs.)

  23. I ordered the book two days ago. Waiting for delivery. Will post results.

  24. Observing electrons in cloud chamber:

    Now we all have observed electrons.

  25. What's so weird about washing your hair with your clothes on? I was much older than her before hair washing became a shower-only activity…

  26. F*cking Magnets, How Do They Work?

  27. Why is there a candle sitting on the toilet tank?

  28. she's not even washing her hair. she is blow drying it. whats so weird about drying your hair with your clothes on. Most women I know get dressed BEFORE we blow dry our hair. otherwise we endanger the style. just saying….

  29. “Otherwise we endanger the style….”

    My God…look at what she is wearing!? What style are you referring to!? :)

  30. I suggest that people actually follow the link to the BJU link and click the LINK TO SEE INSIDE THE BOOK. It happens to be the chapter about electricity and magnetism. The text does not come off any where near as ignorant as the above text. I doubt that it actually came from the book after ready the example text from the publisher.

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