Parakeet and Kitten Love Story, In Pictures

Kitten and Parakeet Fall In Love

How adorable is this too? The hunter is now the hunted:


  1. oh my god this is so cute!

  2. Ana

    This is adorable!!! What cuties!!!!!!!! <3

  3. Stanislav

    I would never trust someone named Meezer with a pet.

  4. Meezer, you're a pathetic inane excuse for a being. Nobody cares about your silly presumptions, respect is just popular opinion, now shut up.

  5. Meezer, watch out, there's staph on your skin, it could kill you, no really!

  6. Meezer, if you have ever stepped on an ant, accident or not, you have absolutely no respect for any animals and should be banished to the depths of hell.

    It's obvious that this cat and bird hate eachother, and are not getting along at all.

    Just kidding, but meezer's a douche.

  7. I do hope the owner of this bird gets the parakeet some toys! his cage is empty!

  8. We can learn alot from these two animals…How beautiful they are! Meezer take a lesson from these two creatures living in harmony and celebrating the joys of friendship and being accepting.

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