A Depressed Pug


  1. Not cute at all. I hate what people do to dogs, turning them into these little crippled monsters. This poor little guy can't even sit like a normal healthy dog.

  2. Can you blame the little tyke? That God-awful sweater would make anyone depressed….

  3. goodbye cruel world

  4. we have a pug, and he's the cutest ever (says demi moore, yeah, that demi moore) and my wife says we would never make him this sad lol

  5. I'd be depressed if I was wearing that sweater too..

  6. Is this in seattle by chance?

  7. I think he needs his head circumsized

  8. this dog is obvioulsy not depressed if the owner went out and bought hima sweater for the cold. just a nice calm dog waiting outside. i have two pugs and theres nothign sad about this one

  9. ….Pugs AlWAYS look like this when they are not getting attention ALLL the time.

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