Peanut Butter Disproves Evolution. No, Seriously.

Who would have thought that the answers to the mysteries of the universe lie at the bottom of a jar of peanut butter? Well, they do if you believe creationist Chuck Missler’s ‘educational’ video.

Missler, who is billed as an engineer and author, tries to disprove claims by evolutionists that energy plus matter sometimes results in the creation of life.

His theory is that, since no-one has ever found spontaneously-generated life in a jar of peanut butter, matter plus energy from the sun could not have caused life on Earth.

Peanut Butter Disproves Evolution Wut

Missler explains: “A jar of peanut butter contains matter and is exposed to light and heat but we never find new life inside unless an outside life contaminates it.

“If the theory of evolution is viable then I should, occasionally, by subjecting this to energy, end up having new life.

“If I open this jar of peanut butter, maybe not often but on some occasion, I should find new life inside but when we open the jar of peanut butter and look in there, there’s no new life.”


  1. Anonymous

    Are you kidding me?

  2. Anonymous

    First lie is at 00:36 – evolution says nothing about the origin of life. The rest of the video is based on that lie. No surprises that it gets a bit odd then…

  3. Anonymous

    Wow. … Wow.
    The mind numbing stupidity of some people just baffles me.
    This is worse than the banana being the evolutionist’s worst nightmare.

  4. 1. Go to the store
    3.Open the jar of peanut butter

  5. my brain hurts just watching this.

  6. Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH!@#!@#!!! that was the funniest shit i’ve seen all damn day.

  7. Anonymous

    LOL! And here I thought they were on to something when they said “Any theory on the origin of life…is a fairy tale.”

  8. Anonymous

    The suspenseful music does help to make the peanut butter arguement more valid

  9. Anonymous

    too many old people suck at learning.

  10. Anonymous


  11. Anonymous

    That totally sways the argument in creation’s favour.

  12. Anonymous

    ummm…. what just happened there… Did my brain just stroke off for a bit. I could have swore I just heard someone try to convince me that evolution is bunk based on a jar of peanut butter…

  13. Anonymous

    This is quite possibly the single most ass backward retardedly fecking stupid thing I have ever had the misfortune to watch. What kind of brain damages wingnut buys into this kind of crap? It makes my brain hurt watching this. Ow. These muppets should not be allowed anywhere near broadcasting facilities. And they should be perma-banned from anywhere within 5 miles of any school anywhere !!

  14. Anonymous

    This video should be relabeled Exhibit A in the case of “why people call creationists scientifically ignorant?”

    This would be funny if there were not people who would take arguments like this seriously. Numerous errors and poor assumptions about evolution abound in this propaganda piece.

  15. Anonymous

    Not only did they not prove anything they waisted peanut butter

  16. Anonymous

    Man, they have got to be kidding. Could anyone really, truly, be THAT (I'm sorry there's no other word for it) stupid? Mind-bending. I hope these people haven't and will never reproduce.

  17. This… is… awesome!!! haha fucking eviloutionists!!! /stupidity

  18. So that's why when I buy chunky peanut butter, store it near the stove but don't open it for a long time all the peanuts are gone but its filled with tiny little clam shells!

    I hope this group does a video explaining quantum mechanics 'cause I've never understood how an electron jumps such huge distances between energy levels on such short legs!

  19. j0z

    Troll right?
    *someone whispers in ear*
    The human race is doomed!!!!

    But seriously, this whole thing is flawed. Evolution does not attempt to explain the origin of life, only the diversity of it. Of course there are other theories that attempt to explain it, but not evolution.
    Besides, even if they didn't use the word “evolution” the video is flawed anyway. Scientists say that life developed out of a complex mixture of organic molecules in the primordial earth. Needless to say, the conditions where life began in no way resemble a jar of peanut butter in any meaningful way.

  20. what's funny is that the safety seal of the peanut butter jar was slightly opened already before missler took it off. it's as if they had to check to make sure there wasn't life in this particular jar before rolling the cameras lol.

  21. Evolution is the science that explains the DIVERSITY of life, NOT the Origin of life.
    Watch Thunderf00t's series on 'Why we laugh at Creationists' for more. <3

  22. This is really funny and really remarkable as well. Funny because it is too narrow for a scientific approach and remarkable because how someone can down to a peanut butter to find the answer of evolution.

    I guess what he should be saying that evolution happens but from where it started we don't know yet and we will never know it as well because we are part of that same system, that universe, that galaxy, that solar system whom we are trying to observe. Who can observe such a system, definitely noone. What we should do then?
    Go back to work and play our part to the best we can. Merry Christmas.

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