The Most Convincing Argument For Atheism

The Best Argument For Atheism

Though to be honest, I’d do pretty much anything for bacon.


  1. Anonymous

    My god, she’s floating.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anonymous


  4. Anonymous

    i hear the party van coming

  5. Anonymous

    A floating girl would turn me into a believer, and I really wanted the bacon

  6. PBH


  7. Anonymous

    jesus take the wheel!

  8. Anonymous

    is little miss michael kelly? she loves her bacon!

  9. Where are her legs? Aggghhh the humanity!

  10. Haha that is hilarious! I think it's soooo witty when athiests are openly rude to people who believe something different than them. And I especially like it when they indoctrinate and pressure their kids into acting rude too, just like the Christians they complain about. That is so f-ing awesome! Way to go athiests! YOU WIN!!! You're so much smarter than Christians!!! Yay… freakin idiots

  11. That proves Canadians are athiests…

  12. Eileen the one legged atheist

  13. I looooooove bacon!

  14. Grant, I may not know you, but I already do not like you. Primarily, This message isn't rude or blasphemous. Next, no one commenting is being rude or blasphemous. lastly, your sarcasm is suckish.

    P.S. Since you find bacon so divinely evil, you can gtfo.

  15. Thank you Grant. You said it all

  16. She floats and offers Bacon!!??

  17. wynnyelle

    Where's not only her legs/feet, but the shadow that she and the sign should be casting on the grass? This is a doctored photo, folks. But funny =)

  18. grant, you do understand this is photoshopped right? Who's the freaking idiot now? And its a damn joke… get some bacon in your system, maybe you'll be able to think for just one second

  19. Graham

    Hey Grant, I love yopur talk of indoctrination and peer pressure…. something you religious freaks would know nothing about, eh?

  20. Robert, I may not know you, but your face is suckish. What makes the sign rude is that it's trivializing Christian beliefs by equating a Christians sacred deity with bacon (maybe you missed that because you're not very bright apparently)… It's not even clever, it's just stupid. If it were clever I might laugh because I really do have a sense of humor about religion, but this is just stupid… and I'm not even commenting on what I believe, other than I'm tired of seeing athiests spending every waking minute trying to make Christians feel stupid. Especially with gay signs like this. So since you apparently worship bacon??? You can GTFO

  21. Yes Grant and Brittany you guys are right. You NEVER hear Christians or any other followers of organized religion force their beliefs on to people.

  22. Is hell where God fry his bacon? lol!!!

  23. Hmm.. I think the sign refers to Francis Bacon, the philosopher, not the pig fat.

  24. I suppose she (her parents) refer to the English (atheistsic) philosopher Francis Bacon :p

    Still, Bacon is more convincing than Christ (at least I can see the first one) but there are similarities we can both eat it (take this bread, this is my body) and maybe Jesus was a pig afterall XD

  25. Actually Grant is 100% correct. Christians and atheists are equally assholes. great point dude. And it makes sense since they're pretty much identical; both clinging to made-up viewpoints that can neither be proven or disproven. Atheists, Christians, what's the difference? They're all close-minded zealots.

    Agnosticism is clearly the only rational point of view. And bacon. BACON FTW! LOL

  26. Nobody

    Yet another shill for The Bacon Gospels.

  27. I love me some bacon, but 'hard-core' atheists are just as rude and evangelical and intolerant as evangelical, right-wing Christians. Or Islamic fundamentalists. Or 'more-pagan-than-thou' polytheists. They all think they, and they alone, know the 'truth' and everyone else is an idiot. Agnosticism is the only rational choice. All else is faith-base and is irrational. I admit that I am, irrationally an Episcopalian and I what I believe is illogical and based entirely on an internal feeling. But at least I know it is irrational and illogical. Unlike vehement atheists, who think they have the ultimate truth based on their internal feelings.

  28. You simply have to laugh at all the narcissism when it comes to religion or atheism. Point 1) Telling each other off only serves to create hypocrites 2) A person has the right to believe in what they want and live the life they want to live. 3) When it comes to point 2 you have to follow that with “reason”. Less than 5% of the world's population actually operates with reason. Religion without reason has a name, it's called extremism.

  29. I'm with you Grant, some other people here are noobs! :)

  30. Go

    what would Homer Simpson do?

  31. “atheist” = “non-Christian” ?
    Jews and Muslims reject both Christ and bacon!

  32. Atheists might be rude but at least they don't believe in invisible fairies who apparently have little more to do than listen to their whispered ramblings. I'd rather be rude than deluded.

  33. i'm assuming by 'gay' grant means 'happy'

  34. dsc

    How can “reject Christ, receive bacon” be rude when compared with “accept Christ, or go to hell”?

  35. dsc

    Boscoe and Kyra,

    Most agnostics are atheists, these are not mutually exclusive concepts (one can be even a deist and agnostic). Agnosticism is not actually about believing or not believing in something, but rather the belief that actually knowing the truth about that thing is ultimately impossible. Besides being impossible, it's widely common (and not irrational) that people would still not believe something that is not proven to be true. Just like people would do with, say, the notion that there is not only one god, but that he has a brother that was just looking behind his shoulder all the time. Or any other of the infinite possibilities of things that are just as unfalsifiable as theistic and deistic beliefs.

    The emphasis on agnosticism, the “ultra agnosticism”, of not daring to say/feel that one or other thing is more likely, however, does not denote a “superior” or “real” rationality, it's rather more frequently just an unjustifiable “special case” for some Yahweh-like god, when usually no one makes such case for agnosticism in relation to other equally unfalsifiable (and unnecessary) hypotheses (like solipsism, polytheism, lesser supernatural beings, vampires, some esoteric beliefs, for example). Seldom those “ultra-agnostics” are agnostic to everything they should be, for coherence; to other stuff, they usually readily admit plain disbelief, even though it's always possible to go on making ad hoc hypothesis to explain why anything could be real, despite of the lack of evidence for it.

    Sorry about being boring.

  36. @Boscoe Exactly what is “made up” about a non-belief???

  37. “equating a Christians sacred deity with bacon”
    Christ was never equated to bacon, they simply offered bacon if you rejected Christ. And how is this an attack on anyone, it's a joke.. Get over yourself dude. Your belief in an invisible all powerful being that just arbitrarily began existing and arbitrarily created the universe has no impact on anyone's belief that said being does not exist. Nobody was attacking anyone until you showed up and simply posted a photoshopped joke about bacon.

    “We are all atheists about most of the gods humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.” –Richard Dawkin

  38. What's a good Muslim to do? They reject Christ and bacon. But this is fine. Christians can have their Christ and bacon and then burn in hell while Muslims have their virgins and paradise. Allah akbar.

  39. How is atheism “faith-based?” It's the absence of faith. I have an irrational belief that I have no irrational beliefs in gods?

  40. Excellent point Extremophile. I hear it so often that I forget to be offended. I suppose that it's the same if someone tells me that Santa isn't bringing me any presents because I've been naughty. Empty threat.

  41. Funny that the C in 'bacon' is the same C in 'christ', and the O is the C photoshoped.
    The B, A and N in bacon are not the same shape or colour as the C (and O)

    Anyone got the original ?:)

  42. @grant

    About 90% of Atheists don't care what people believe. MOST of us are the kind of people who lie and let live. The other 10% are just as big of d-bags as believers. That being said, 10% of Christians will live and let live while the other 90% are a-holes who look down on everyone else who isn't a Christian.

    Also, the use of the word 'gay' when referring to a sign makes no sense. You think the sign is either happy or you think that it only likes signs of the same gender. 'Gay' is not a replacement for the word 'Stupid.'

    And furthermore, if anyone says anything about Christianity that isn't in favor of it, Christians believe it to be rude. I have a friend who will go on and on about her religion but I'm not even allowed to question anything that she believes. Why? Do Christians know something that the rest of us (who have read the bible) do not? Have they personally met their maker and know that what they believe to be 100% the right way to believe? No they have not. And most Christians have never sat down and read the bible cover to cover by themselves. A lot of people will claim that they have but really what they consider 'reading the bible' is what they hear when they go to church.

    If you pick and choose from any book the way Christians do with the bible, you can make a religion out of anything.

    Attacking someone for what they believe or do not believe isn't very 'god-like,' and isn't that the whole point of Christianity? To live like Christ? Christ did not judge or put anyone down, so what gives Christians the right to do so?

  43. “”We are all atheists about most of the gods humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further.” –Richard Dawkin” Excellent point Mike.

    I also like “Think of all the reason you reject every other god and you will understand more clearly, why I reject yours.” Though I'm not sure who said it.

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