PBH Gets Sexy

Top 20 Posts By Hits

1. The Main Page with 35,491 unique hits — Who knew? Our main page is the one with the most hits over the past year and a half.

2. Donkey Love with 30,030 unique hits — Features the story of Donkey Festival in Colombia that quite literally celebrates fucking donkeys.

3. Happy Memorial Day with 26,338 unique hits — a poignant series of pictures from May of 2007 that featured an Iraqi boy hiding behind a US soldier during an explosion in Baghdad.

4. Why I Hate Capitalism with 24,540 unique hits — A commemorative 9/11 coin. Only 19.95 (limited supplies).

5. History Repeats Itself And Painfully So with 21,707 unique hits — A politically cartoon from the 1920’s about the British expedition in Iraq. [Editors Note: This probably would be the leader if PBH didn’t crash after being Dugg]

6. What Reddit Has Become with 19,849 unique hits — A hilarious picture done by AlvinBlah on the state of Reddit. [Editors Note: This would probably also be higher if not for PBH crashing while being Reddited]

7. Every 9.74 Days, Iraqi Civilians Experience September 11th with 19,514 unique hits — An expose on the cost of civilian life since the American invasion.

8. Ask A Shiite: Perceptions of America in the Middle East with 17,694 unique hits — A university student in the UAE writes a piece on the perception of America in the Middle East.

9. The First Thing I Saw On The Way To Work with 15,399 unique hits — A picture captured by Alec during his first day at the State Department in Bucharest, Romania.

10. The Horrors of Plastic Pollution with 15,222 unique hits — A picture of a turtle that had a plastic band tied around its shell in infancy.

11. Fox News, Fair And Balanced (Their Paragraph Alignment, That is) with 14,374 unique hits — A ridiculous screen capture from Fox News suggesting Osama Bin Laden & Barack Obama are related.

12. Patrick Leahy Bitch Slaps For America with 14,352 unique hits — A video of Patrick Leahy interrogating a Bush surrogate, and it is not pretty.

13. Old Time Porno Cartoon with 11,902 unique hits — Dance Party finds a hilarious ol’ timey porno cartoon from the 1920’s. And it is absolutely fucking filthy.

14. Loose Post 9/11 Lips with 11,014 unique hits — Donald Rumsfeld lets it slip that the plane over Pennsylvania was shot down. Oops!

15. US National Debt in the Past 25 Years with 10,635 unique hits — An astounding picture of the American debt in the past 25 years.

16. Number of Doctors Per Inhabitants with 10,050 unique hits — A visual representation of inhabitants per doctor across the world.

17. Humanity with 9,938 unique hits — An epic picture.

18. Inster with 9,879 unique hits — Check out the latest hipster trend. It’s so cool, you don’t even know. [Featured on Gawker]

19. What The Fack with 9,372 unique hits — Ann Coulter says she will campaign for Hillary Clinton if John McCain wins the Republican nomination.

20. Civilian Death Statistics in Iraq and Afghanistan Compared with 9,113 unique hits — Evaluates the human casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Top 1 Search Term

1. Natasha Mitra — the most successful Jihad on the face of the planet.

Bonus: If you type in “Sarah Palin Is A Fucking Idiot” into Google, we are the first page


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