Well how about that.

I bet almost all of my money on West Virginia/Pitt to go under 53, and 5 dollars on a throw away parlay with 1 to 12 odds.  Guess what won! The throw away.  So I’m back in business.  Obviously the West Virginia / Pitt game went over 53 points basically by halftime.  But I got my other parlay right! Houston/Chicago over 180, GS/Sac over 200, Ohio/Akron under 38 and Ohio winning by 4.5. If you do the math and bet say, 15 more dollars on that then the WVU/Pitt game, I would be about 200 dollars richer. Bollucks.  Or whatever.

But, tonight is looking VERY, VERY promising in the NBA. The lines are not too favorable, but the money lines are excellent.  Spurs, Suns, Cavs, Lakers, Mavs, and Heat play considerably weaker teams at home (with the exception being the Mavs at the Grizzlies).

So this is the current plan: 7.50 on the Spurs (Moneyline), 7.5 on the Suns (Moneyline), 7.5 on the Lakers (Moneyline), 5 on the Cavs (Moneyline), 5 on the Mavs (5 point spread), 7.5 on the Jazz (who are underdogs but I will bet they will win on the moneyline). That is 40 on single games.  The rest will be parleys on these games that I’ll figure out as the day progresses.


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